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1967 18’ 4” Wriedt Flatbottom - SOLD

Drag boat and river racer in its day. This boat has all original hardware that was serviced before the original owner quit using this boat back in 1992. He up-dated the boat with a set of Coast Guard Approved stainless steel gas tanks. I just had them polished. He up-dated the trailer in 1989 to a new competitive tandem trailer. This boat is 18’4”. There is more seating room and engine room then most v-drive boats from this period. When this boat was made it had a center deck with a bench seat. The original owner cut the center deck out and put in a pair of large back to back seats in and that was fine for the next few years. The next step was to put a pair of bucket seats in and have the 427 medium riser supped up. Now he was more interested in racing. The boat is an excellent project. If you are handy, a little fiberglass work would clean up the inside of the boat, and if you have an extra motor lying around you might want to stick it in the boat and almost be ready for summer. There is 1 picture of this boat in its prime.

Financing available for 90 days.

Pink slip in hand, CA Registration on boat and trailer.

$ 3,500.00 $ 3,000.00

Located in Oceanside, CA.

I have a 390 FE Ford 330hp motor with Bassett Headers with Nicson front motor mount, fly wheel, TPO and a 750 carburetor that I was going to put in boat. It is for sale also.

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