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1968 Hondo Flat bottom V-Drive - SOLD!

Ski boat with an original 1968 Vance tandem axel trailer with Buddy bearings and mag wheels. Current California registration on boat and trailer for 2011 and I have the pinks in hand. Original Hondo Emblem North Hollywood mounted on dash. Original Jones 10,000 rpm tail tells tack with bezel and cable. All original Stewart Warner gauges with bezel oil pressure, fuel pressure, water pressure, water temp, and amp mounted on dash. All original chain and cable steering intact, all pulleys polished and in excellent shape. Rudder stuffing box, rudder, rudder brace, quadrant, safety collar on rudder, battery box Nicson floor mounted throttle peddle with good throttle cable, stainless steel fuel tanks with flip top gas fillers chromed, c aftermarket fuel filter to separate dirt and water from gas. The back to back seats are sketchy; I put a few screws and staples in them to hold them together for the pictures. There has never been any damage to this hull or repairs. On the front of the boat sown behind the bow-eye there are some scratches. A young man was holding the boat and not paying attention there were some rocks in the water that he didn’t see. Original ski rack that holds 2 skies.

Over 20 years ago the original 327 motor was wore out so they built a 350 4 bolt main with Hypo heads. They added the 471 blower, blower carburetor and they were good to go. Back in the day you would see this boat at Marine Stadium in Long Beach often. So that is where they went to try out the new motor. They ran it for about an hour and everything was good to go. Now, they stuck there foot in it. They said it was a lot faster, maybe 85mph. It ran maybe 70 in the old days. They went home and cleaned the boat up and came back the next day to do some skiing. They were never satisfied with the 12* Casale V-drive top loader. Now that the boat was running considerably faster they decided to do something about the 12* V-drive. They pulled the prop shaft out of the boat, V-drive, shaft log, drive shaft guard, drive shaft, turning pins and strut. They filled in those holes with fiberglass and that is the way the boat sat for 20 years. They updated to a 10* Casale split case with 15 gears polished. 10* strut and 10* shaft log. These are not installed in the boat at this time. Now about the motor, I pulled the motor out of the boat, I turned the motor over and checked the valves. I checked out the distributor and filed the points. Hooked up an oil pressure gauge, battery and got fuel to a fresh carburetor that I put on. I went to start it, and nothing happened, the starter was shot. I put anther starter on it and it started right up. I let it idle for a minute, brought the R’s up a little and it has 65lbs of oil pressure. I let it idle and it went back to 45lbs.

Financing available for 90 days.

Pink slip in hand, CA Registration on boat and trailer.

Boat, motor and parts: $ 8,000.00
Boat and parts: $ 4,000.00
Motor: $ 4,000.00

Located in Oceanside, CA.

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