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2 Sets of Headers - SOLD


Headers, BBC, Jet

1.  $ 500 plus 1/2 shipping, OBO.   Basset, BBC, jet, 2 1/2" primaries, 4 1/2" collector, shorties, coated.  Very good condition.  No rust or dents.  Only a couple surface scratches.  Would look bad ass as they are.  I wouldn't do a thing to them.  I believe these are part number 9000-6 on the Basset website.  New they are $1,050 plus $375 for coating, total $1,425 w/o shipping and tax. 

Located in Ventura, CA  More pics available. 


2.  Zoomies, $290 plus 1/2 shipping.  2 1/2", BBC, Jet. Very good condition, coated, fittings for cooling lines.  Came off a 468 blown BBC jet boat. 

Located in Ventura, CA. 

Contact George for more info...
Call or Text: 310-408-2032