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Vintage Style Surfer/Dragster Scoops

I'm now making vintage style scoops from casted aluminum. No more flimsy fiberglass that's weak and 

 cracks after I weld the two pieces together. Mine are shipped brushed finish.They can be polished, p

ainted or powder coated or left as-is. This will be left up to you.

I've added three ribs to the top for that vintage look and left the bottom flat with no holes so 

they can be mounted on anything. They're 24 inches long, 11 inches wide at the front, and 7 inches tall.

I can also sell just the top part if someone would like to use one as a hood scoop or air intake.

Complete scoop sells for $285.00, plus $30.00 shipping anywhere in the US, 

 or just the top is $150.00, plus $20.00 shipping in the US. 

 I will ship outside the US, but you'll have to pay the extra.

Feel free to call me, Greg, anytime...
Call: 319-310-4155